College Application

College, college, college. As I am nearing the application deadline for my early school, I naturally begin to reflect on what I have done throughout the process.

I realize this whole college process is a period of time in which a person needs to put down all the impressive things that he/she has done to impress those admission officers who will be reading the person’s application. In a larger sense, aren’t people always trying to impress others in order to achieve excellence and obtain success? In school students need to impress their teachers with their knowledge; in workplaces people need to impress their higher-ups with their achievements; sometimes people(Asians) need to keep healthy relationships with their parents by showing them that they are living good lives.

Although impressing others is seemingly a established rule in the world, I believe there should be times when people try to learn to do things in their own way, and not worry about others’ perceptions of them.
College Applications



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