What is an Entrepreneur?

With my Senior Exhibition focusing on the difference between entrepreneurship in China and the U.S, I am beginning to understand gradually what it takes to be an entrepreneur. It is true that as an entrepreneur, a person needs to go through ups and downs of life. Although that sounds mundane, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs are at times incredible hardships. People like Mark Cuban, Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg must have gone through countless denials and defeats before reaching success. Their entrepreneurial journeys must be ones of self-discovery, especially finding where the limits of their potentials are.

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a tremendous amount of tenacity, courage and determination. At the same time, the taste of success after the suffering must be an experience unparalleled to any other things in life.

startupImage: http://pantheonuk.org/pantheon-realises-that-no-one-ever-said-being-an-entrepreneur-is-easy/


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