Chang-Rae Lee

Chang-Rae Lee is author of Native Speaker, a novel that we recently finished reading as a class. I personally think that Native Speaker is the best piece of Asian American literature that we have read this entire trimester. Due to my love for the book, I decided to conduct a little research on the author himself.

So Lee was born in Seoul Korea in 1965. Not long after he was born, he would immigrate with his parents to the United States when he was 3 years old. As a second generation Korean-American, Lee fulfilled his parents’ expectations by demonstrating excellence in his life; he became a Wall Street stockbroker not long after he had graduated from Yale. However, things took an unexpected turn when he decided to abandon his profitable profession of a stockbroker after a year of working. Lee was determined to devote himself to writing fictions. Native Speaker is, I believe, a demonstration of Lee’s devotion to writing, as the work itself was meticulously crafted, and in a sense , resonated with Lee’s own upbringing.

Chang-rae Lee




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