Friday Night (7-10pm)

Music Room Thacher Room Study Hall Room 14
7:00p.m. Alex Morris:
Paul Simon’s Graceland & the Power of Music
Lane Sohn:
Foodie Culture in America
Grant Ellman:
The Modern Musician: Music Production Technology
Jackson Dolphin:
Game of Thrones: Fiction Modelling Political Philosophy
8:00p.m. Leah Ho-Israel:
Art and Mental Illness
Aidan Waugh:
Is it possible to prevent alcoholism?
David Chao:
America’s Need to Raise Minimum Wage
Felicia Jiang:
Alzheimer’s Disease: The Silent Epidemic
9:00p.m. Susanna Renfrew:
Social Media Anxiety
Alex Yeagle:
Bitcoins: What are the all a-Bit?
Katie Kellner:
Looking to the Deep: Underwater Technology & Its Impacts