Friday Afternoon (1-5pm)

Music Room Thacher Room Study Hall Room 14
1:00p.m. Lachlan Nutting:
Is There A God? Evolution, Creation, and the Origins of Life
Blake Bowie:
Mental Manipulation: Key to Elite Athletic Performance
Drew Combs:
Causes of the Viking Age
Auden Ehringer:
End-of-Life Decision Making
2:00p.m. Wade Warren:
The Illicit Economy in North Korea
Olivia Simonson:
The Birth Control Pill in America
Mahogany Monette:
Media, Society,& Stereotypes of African Americans: The Scary Combination
Caleb Couturie:
Why We Lie
3:00p.m. Jon Chang:
Is Your Smartphone Killing You?: Smartphones & Human Interaction
Erich Herzig:
Beatrice Land:
Study Drugs
Annika Bhasavanich:
Thailand’s Sex Economy
4:00p.m. Hannah Everett:
Spectacle & Imagination: The Evolution of the Circus
*This will be in the Milligan Center*
Madison Rubeli:
The Amish: A Lesson in Leading a Sustainable Life
Rachel Rex:
Political Effects of Natural Gas
Wallace Kalkin: