Friday Morning (8:30-12:30)

Music Room Thacher Room Study Hall Room 14
8:30a.m. Teo Davis:
The Children’s War: Conflict in Sierra Leone
Lili Boyle:
The Art of French New Wave Cinema
Minah Choi:
Global Freshwater Issues: The Fight For Blue Gold
Simon Novich:
Alternatives to Alternative Energy
9:30a.m. Sage Whipple:
Looking to Iceland for Heat
Ana Levy:
The Evolution of Violence in American TV*PG-13: contains graphic images & video
Alex Zaldastani:
Electronic Dance Music: The History, Influence, and Culture
Ciara Byrne:
The True Cost of Olympic Glory
10:30a.m. Alex Purcell:
The Mind of a Psychopath
Shelley Vohr:
Memory: Encoding, Retrieval, & Corruption
Reed Gulick-Stutz:
The Truth about Marijuana
Annie LeFevre:
Cults in Society
11:30a.m. Madeline Taylor:
Solitude and the Art of Edward Hopper
Anand Shah:
An Examination of the Purpose of Government Surveillance
Joanna Knutsen:
Sustainable Cities
The News Media and “Infotainment”