CdeP 1962 Fire and Flood Reports

1962 Don Porter checked on all 1962 classmates affected by the recent fires and floods. Paul Recsei reports, “We live in a chaparral ‘wild land-urban interface’ and were under mandatory evacuation orders for both the fire and then for the deluge. But mandatory does not mean mandatory in this case, so my wife and I […]

Michael Ehrhardt ’62

Michael suffered a stroke in 2005 and another, more severe one, this past February. He is recovering under the loving care of his sister, Gena, and her family at their home in Georgia. Michael says, “Greetings to all – Thanks for kind thoughts and wishes given after my stroke in February. The left side is […]

Mary Everett Conarroe ’94

Another year in Bakersfield is in the plans. My husband Jeff is an assistant for Cal State Bakersfield Men’s Basketball. As with all division 1 basketball jobs, a potential move comes every year after March Madness. We’ve already been here 4 years, a record for our family! I am now working as a home health […]

George H. Pfau, Jr. ’42

I retired from Morgan Stanley in July, 2010, 3 years after relocating our wealth management team of five from UBS. Our hearty welcome at MS was a stark contrast to the Swiss at UBS. Our financial advisory work was greatly improved at MS. This was a cool maneuver. I was 86 when I retired and […]