Michael Ehrhardt ’62

Michael suffered a stroke in 2005 and another, more severe one, this past February. He is recovering under the loving care of his sister, Gena, and her family at their home in Georgia.

Michael says, “Greetings to all – Thanks for kind thoughts and wishes given after my stroke in February. The left side is useless, so I am searching for right-handed configurations of etudes by Chopin and Leopold Godowsky. With luck and hard work the outpatient rehab will help me walk again. I enjoyed my visit with Rich Look and his lovely wife, Cassandra, in August, after not seeing Rich for 17 years. I also want to thank Mike Milligan for sending me the reunion video. It was great to hear all your greetings to me.”

Michael Ehrhardt CdeP 1962

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  1. jmsproul says:

    Michael, so sorry to hear about your challenges, but it also sounds like you are meeting life head-on and with steady good cheer. Best wishes for 2018. My wife Charlotte and I administer the Walnut Creek TM center, where we instruct from six to ten people in the practice every month. As I recall, I was first introduced to TM in any detail by you, way back in the day, but did not learn the actual practice until I left Thacher for college. I was CdeP ’71, and was instructed in TM in October of ’72, at the Cambridge, Mass, TM center. Thank you for guiding me to one of the great blessings in my life–meditating and teaching even led to my meeting my wife of the last 30+ years. Take care. Martin

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