Lanlan Jin ’07

Hello from a magical Japanese spring! Are you well? I am visiting my Japanese hometown in the countryside of Nara Prefecture. Walking amidst drifting cherry blossom petals, I am reminded of the wonderful walks under starry night skies at Thacher. There’s a Japanese saying “ichi go ichi e”, which translates to “each encounter, precious encounter” […]

Tawni Stoop ’11

Over Spring Break, I traveled to Amsterdam to present a poster on the research I conduct at Wesleyan University on children’s numerical acquisition at a psychology conference (ICPS). Not only did I get a chance to explore the city while on business, I took a trip to Istanbul to complete the trip! Tawni Stoop CdeP […]

Lynn T. White ’59

Lynn recently retired from Princeton with fancy titles (‘professor emeritus,’ ‘senior research scholar’), which just means that pay ended. Actually, he is still doing research on Chinese politics and development, publishing four articles this year and planning a book about the Philippines. He and Barbara-Sue now return for winters to their native California, at Berkeley, […]