Katie Kirkmire Vining ’94

I had the wonderful experience of sharing a weekend in New York City and attending fellow classmate and dear friend Kenyon Phillips’s variety show at Joe’s Pub. Dubbed Unisex Salon with Kenyon Phillips, the show featured talented singers, dancers, actors and comedians, and a guest performance by my five year old son, Mitch “Bird” Vining. […]

Ward Sorrick ’04

I just graduated from a year-long Meisner training program at the Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory in Berkeley, CA. The program is designed to teach the life’s work of Sanford Meisner to young and aspiring professional actors. I will be living in the Bay Area, acting in commercials, theater and short films, and surfing as much […]

Arnie Moore ’63

I have retired from teaching as of the end of last school year. I spent 30 years in Show Biz (musician/actor) before becoming a substitute teacher for the last 17 years. I’m enjoying sleeping past 5:00 AM, letting my hair (what there is) grow a bit, and getting my musical abilities back in shape. It’s nice […]

Seumas Sargent ’95

Greetings from Berlin! Wrapped the lead role in a Swedish / Iranian / Canadian co-produced feature film last summer called THE PHILOSOPHER KING and the footage is bouncing between New York and Stockholm for final edits. Feel free to check it out at www.thephilosopherking.net. Love and light to all of you. www.seumassargent.com Seumas Sargent CdeP […]