Dean Ambrose ’56

I practiced business law in Los Angeles (1965-1995). For the next 10 years I developed and managed commercial and industrial real estate. Thereafter, I retired, devoting a lot of time to charities including National Public Radio Foundation (1994-present) and UCLA Geffen School of Medicine (2000-present). I live In Los Angeles and Indian Wells. Dean V. […]

Lincoln Hollister ’56

After retiring from teaching in 2011, I have been able to devote myself full time to a couple research projects, as well as Sarah. The most exciting project right now is unraveling the early history of the solar system from a unique meteorite we collected from far eastern Russia. Lincoln Hollister CdeP 1956

John King ’56

Wife Lea and I live on a Bay Area lagoon which has striped bass in residence. Last year we had our g-daughter Lily for an overnight. Went fishing with her off our float and I hooked a 26″ striper. “Here, Lily, you reel it in.” Her eyes actually sparkled as the fish got closer – […]