Ted Rhodes ’65

Apologies if I already reported this shameless, self promotional news from last year: after several months of delay due to the Thomas fire and the subsequently disastrous debris flows in Montecito & Carpinteria, my Americana Cats band based here in Carpinteria was finally able to lay down 11 tracks of our debut CD of Americana original and cover songs now available out there on the internet and wherever we play. A few of the tunes we play date back to my campfire days at Golden Trout with Bill Wyman II, Archie Look ’64, Arnie Moore ’63, and the late Bill Horvitz ’65, and Chuck Warren and, of course, Cricket & Terry Twichell. (Image attached is taken from a water color painted of my Americana Cats band by an artist who hired us for one of our first gigs a few years ago. I’m the tall guy in the center wearing the broad brim.) AmericanaCats.com Song: Baby is Our Love Just a Metaphor

Ted Rhodes CdeP 1965

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