Sam Wright ’48 and CdeP 1948

A nice note from Charlton Lewis saying he was happy to read our class notes in the latest Thacher magazine about our 70th reunion, saying it was a little too far for him. Charlton and Roxane are living in a community in Redding Connecticut, outside of Stamford, conveniently located, he says, about an hour from New York. Was sorry not to see our class picture and Derrick Perry assures me the School is looking for it. It was taken on Friday night at the Mulligans. Charlton is having s few knee problems and says he “couldn’t get on a horse now if his life depended on it.”

Bud Lester and Pat have sold there home in Pasadena and are now living at the Villa Gardens. Pat says that Bud is not well and they are enjoying their new home.

Sid Liebes also tells me that he and Linda will be selling their home in Atherton, a classic 1925 Atherton summer cottage, and moving in several months to the Sequoias-Portola Valley community.

Thinking of Chris Boyle I was reflecting on the fact that he and I share our dual Thacher-Amherst alumni relationship with our now head of school, Blossom Pidduck.

What is a long standing tradition for Bay area alumni, The San Francisco Do Nothing Except Have Christmas Lunch Club (SFDNEHCLC) met again on December 11th at the Pacific Union Club, courtesy of Elliot Hayne. The luncheon included Elliot’s son, Mark CdeP ’86, Brooks Crawford ’51, Cabot Brown ’79, Kirk Kirkham ’50, Jim Acquistapace ’61; and Elliot, Peter Dunne, Sandy Walker, and Sam Wright, all CdeP 1948. Sandy is still playing his architectural practice in San Francisco, after some 62 years. Cabot kindly brought us up to date on the “state of the school” along with news of the Mulligans who sound far from retired. We certainly wish them well.

John Bissell and I have talked about the possibility of a class of ’48 non-official 71st reunion in Ojai and at the school in June. Any takers? Please let me know

Sam Wright CdeP 1948

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