Michael Voevodsky ’82

I enjoyed the summer off, starting with the reunion. My carefree summer came to an end five weeks ago I started an assignment with super regional ice cream company here in Holland, Michigan: Hudsonville Ice Cream – which has led me to a new hot ice cream brand called Halo Top. I’ve eaten more ice cream in the past five weeks than I have in the past 6 years. It’s not medical devices, advanced antennas or space borne optics, but it is fun. And I know a whole lot more about ice cream if you ever have questions.

Just returned from my 25th B-school reunion in Boston, and it seemed like a Thacher gathering: Randy Bessolo ’83, Eve Stacey ’83, Cabot Brown ’79, Steve Hills ’77, and Stephen Hauge’s twin brother John Hauge. Great to see everyone.

Michael Voevodsky CdeP 1982

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