Steve Peletz ’77

Steve and Kyra are looking forward to the class reunion in 2017! We became empty nesters in Sept 2016. While parenting and taking care of elderly parents still ranks high on the agenda, prospects for travel and adventure are looking pretty good right now. Steve has recently re-connected with his past love for scuba diving and is off to dive in the Galapagos in October 2016. Recent and past dive trips have included diving on Japanese WWII shipwrecks in Micronesia (Truk Lagoon and Palau), diving with hammerhead, tiger and Galapagos sharks on Cocos Island in the Eastern Pacific and the upcoming trip to the Galapagos is looking pretty inviting right now! I look forward to seeing classmates in June 2017. Be there or be square!

Slide/video show: Diving Cocos Island, Costa Rica – February 2015

Steve Peletz CdeP 1977

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