Hill Hastings II ’66

December 2014 “retired” from the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center and finally made our Telluride Home permanent. Will return to Zionsville, IN, in April to put our farm on the market, and in the meantime try not to get too sore from smiling so much. Bettie and I have had a spectacular winter—snowshoeing with our 3 dogs, skate and classic cross country skiing, and now back to downhill after a hip replacement 4 months ago. Still traveling to lecture every few weeks and seeing/operating just friends and the occasional athlete who has tracked me down and willing to travel to Montrose/Telluride from various parts of the country. Peiper was married Sept. 2014 on Hastings Mesa, and is now working on PhD dissertation and teaching in New Orleans. She and John will spend part of the summer in Telluride before returning to NOLA to make us grandparents for the first time. Laurel is also in NOLA in her second year of Vascular Surgery Residency.

My goal for now: try not to get too busy with work again!

Hill Hastings II CdeP 1966

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