Theodore Heard ’83

1983TheodoreHeardHi class of ’83. Today was a hard day for me. And I asked myself, “What will I paint?” And I thought of flowers, with wide green leaves. The harder it gets, the more I want to paint something beautiful. Not all days are hard. But some are. I’m going to paint a vase of red Tulips. I wish I lived in a castle with a hundred rooms. And all the other rooms were full of men and women friends. And we all ate dinner together at a huge table. And every room had a wood stove. There would be a chapel with a large cross, and also a meditation room. No one would suffer from loneliness. If someone did suffer, there would be friends to talk to. Outside the castle, there would be the British moors and lots of wind. It would rain too. I would paint a lot in the castle studio.

Theodore Heard CdeP 1983

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