There, then gone.

    Ephemera, 6:47-6:56am Friday 11.10.17

    •three horses, stock still and staring at me, in Diamond Hitch turnout
    •a dozen quail beating it out of the bushes, “Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!”
    •bright white mares’-tails in a swivet above the Los Padres foothills
    •dew-diamonds hanging fire on the rusted gate below Trotting Hill
    •bear family tracks in soft dirt, so clear I can see the wrinkles in their pads
    •Topa Topa Ranch orchards in transition: fields of worn corduroy

    As Grace Bueti, an advisee in the early aughts, was famous for intoning in moments like these: “Note the beauty!”

    I do.

    Joy Sawyer-Mulligan

    Joy teaches English, advises sophomore girls, and, with her husband Michael, welcomes the entire School into the Head of School's home for their weekly Open House. In her final year at the School, she's bound and determined to capture in regular Toad Blog posts some of what her Thacher life's been made of.

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