Tough’s Take On Resilience

    We have heard and read a lot of late about the importance of grit and resilience, but not so much about how exactly to cultivate these valuable attributes in our students. This article by Paul Tough, who has become something of a guru in this area, goes to the heart of what great teachers, especially in a boarding school setting, can accomplish.
    Jackson’s data showed that spending a few hours each week in close proximity to a certain kind of teacher changed something about students’ behavior. And that was what mattered. Somehow these teachers were able to convey deep messages—perhaps implicitly or even subliminally—about belonging, connection, ability, and opportunity. And somehow those messages had a profound impact on students’ psychology, and thus on their behavior.
    Click here to read the article, How Kids Learn Resilience.

    Michael Mulligan

    Michael Mulligan has served as Thacher's head of school since 1993.

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