A New Toad Blog With A New Purpose

    Welcome to the new and improved Toad Blog!

    Here is where we pull back the curtain to show some of the ideas, experiences, and research that inform our work at The Thacher School. Below, for example, you will find the first of a series of posts from Director of Studies Blossom Beatty Pidduck about the ways she is leading our faculty’s effort to ensure that our curriculum continues to keep pace with global change and our evolving understanding how how students learn best. You’ll also find thought pieces by Head of School Michael Mulligan’s (some of which have been published on the Huffington Post) about what our young people need in order to lead healthy and fulfilled lives. And, soon, you’ll find contributions from students, teachers, and other members of the Thacher community about what it means–and what it takes–to strive for our best, here or anywhere.

    We hope you find it interesting and return often!

    Chris Land

    Chris Land is Thacher's director of communications.

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