Kristian Meisling ’71

As an outgrowth of my role as Adjunct Professor at Stanford, Ginger von Wening and I went to Scandinavia this summer, where I presented the results of a research study recently published in a Geological Society of London Special volume on Arctic tectonics in Stockholm. We travel a lot and hike and ski regularly in […]

Seumas Sargent ’95

Greetings from Berlin! Wrapped the lead role in a Swedish / Iranian / Canadian co-produced feature film last summer called THE PHILOSOPHER KING and the footage is bouncing between New York and Stockholm for final edits. Feel free to check it out at Love and light to all of you. Seumas Sargent CdeP […]

Michèle Barnett Berg ’87

This year has made for multiple mini Thacher reunions which I really appreciate as–being abroad for the past 11 years–I have not made it to the past couple of reunions. On New Years Eve we had a great time with Eleanor Whelan O’Neill ’87 and her family at the Getty Museum and the Santa Monica […]