Sarah Lavender Smith ’86

Last May, Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick ’86, Morgan Smith ’85 and Sarah Lavender Smith ’86 bought an item at the Thacher Parents’ Auction for three nights in August at Golden Trout Camp. We recruited Rebecca (Bucky) Clyde Tennant ’86, Eric Gross ’85 and his wife Carmen, and several of our kids to join us. We enjoyed […]

Mary Everett Conarroe ’94

It’s been an eventful year. Cooper Everett David Conarroe was born 10-26-12 and is just as busy as his older brother. We are still living in Bakersfield, CA which has afforded me the opportunity to meet up with various other California Toads, including Diana Garcia (’95), Kacey Perkins Tift (’95), Katherine Kirkmire Vinings (’94). I […]