Ryan Meyer ’98

Ryan is executive director of UC-Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science which was recently asked by The Resources Legacy Foundation to develop a manual to help people who step forward to lead community restoration efforts to remove dams. “Organizations have recruited citizen-scientists for a long time, but the practice has really taken off in […]

John Taylor ’65

I continue to revel in retirement. I am singing in a barbershop chorus (probably a real “aha” for some of my classmates!), am working on the restoration of a 1940s steam locomotive, am writing books on New Mexico history (and one on Thacher which will be out in December), and spending a lot of quality […]

Bryce P. Andrews ’01

Reflecting on his work as manager of the Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch for the Clark Fork Coalition during the past four years, Bryce spoke to Yellowstone Public Radio recently, focusing on one of the country’s largest Superfund mining-restoration sites that combines ranching and conservation. Checkout the broadcast at www.ypradio.org and you’ll hear some familiar Thacher […]