Katie Harmon Courage ’01

My latest book, Cultured: How Ancient Foods Can Feed the Microbiome, was published this February by Avery/Penguin Random House. Just a few months before the book’s arrival, my husband, Dave, and I welcomed our first baby–and are beyond grateful to have had Carina Fisher nearby for support! Katie Harmon Courage CdeP 2001

Peter Gillies ’79

In October, Peter Gillies published The Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, along with a second book, Jesus versus YHWH …a 400 page commentary that explains the first one. The two books are the fruit of 25 years of reflection and research – “And I’m glad to say, after all this time, ‘It is finished!’” Peter […]

Charlton Lewis ’48

Having retired from teaching Chinese history, I have become interested in China’s water crisis. Last November I published an online article on hydropower in China at Yale Environment 360 (just google “China’s Great Dam Boom”). I’m getting more worried about the future of green power. Charlton Lewis CdeP 1948

Mary Paredes Karnes ’78

I am FINALLY, (and happily), able to announce the debut of my cozy/mystery, “Simply the Best” in March, 2014. It is my first book to be published, and is about, what else?… A wedding planner! Here’s a short description of the mystery… “Grace Mc Kenna is a spunky, beautiful wedding planner in exclusive Santa Barbara, […]