Kristian Meisling ’71

Ginger von Wening and I are settled in Palo Alto, playing lots of music, hiking, traveling, and enjoying life. I am now a Consulting Professor at Stanford, mentoring several PhD students and doing research on regional geologic evolution of the Arctic (one of the big remaining plate tectonic puzzles). My daughter Sarah was married last […]

John C. “Sandy” Walker ’48

Still doing Architecture. See Bill Bucklin, Sam Wright, cousin, Hendy Henderson, and did spend two high school graduations in Telleride, Colo, with a great teacher and mentor, David Lavander, who was even reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by my step daughter. Both grandchildren got into Stanford. (To bad they couldn’t get in to […]

Terry Kelly ’64

We are so fortunate to have two young grandchildren now: Liam (3 1/2) and Isla (8 months–the first girl in the Kelly family since about 1910!). All three of our sons now live in Madison with their wives. It is terrific to have the family together. We sold the last of our businesses (Weather Central […]

Jedidiah Harris ’07

Life has been a roller coaster of excitement for my family and I in such a short period of time. I was medically retired as a Sergeant from the Marine Corps in 2011, worked as a Classified Data Manager contractor for General Electric Nuclear, started my own government contracting firm, and finished my B.S. in […]