Amy Purdie White ’97

For the last year and a half I have been living in an RV with my husband and traveling the country while working remotely. In our travels I was able to catch up separately with classmates Jon Newman and Jaime Kellogg. Jaime and I reigned supreme in some competitive family card games which brought back […]

Walker Cahall ’03

Walker is living in Portland, Oregon, with his beautiful fiance Natalie Whitlock. They go on adventures, make art, and live their best lives. Walker is the manager of community maker space and art studio called Magnetic North. The space caters to developing artists and businesses, promotes maker culture, diy aesthetics, and hard work. Walker also […]

John C. “Sandy” Walker ’48

Still doing Architecture. See Bill Bucklin, Sam Wright, cousin, Hendy Henderson, and did spend two high school graduations in Telleride, Colo, with a great teacher and mentor, David Lavander, who was even reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by my step daughter. Both grandchildren got into Stanford. (To bad they couldn’t get in to […]

Grant Fletcher ’78

Grant and family doing well in San Diego area with commercial real estate and still working as an ocean lifeguard supervisor. Jamie, 20, at UCSD/UCLA, Katie, 18, playing soccer for Yale, and Corie, 14, a freshman in high school. Still traveling, investing and living part time in our home in Hanalei in kauai. Our best […]