Drew Horton ’82

My wife Sherryl and I had a great honeymoon year with me working for Iowa State University’s Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute, but just recently I have started my newest position as Enology Specialist at the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Research Center in Excelsior, MN. I will be “micro-vinifying” tiny batches of newly developed […]

Wayne Chang ’00

I got married in September 2015 in our hometown of Taichung (Taiwan) to Sally Tsai, the love of my life. After a beautiful honeymoon in Europe, we’re now back in LA. I’m hoping to complete my finance PhD at USC by 2017 (fingers crossed). Sally’s a family medicine doctor at UCLA Health. We’re living in […]

Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith ’02

I got to marry my incredible wife Marissa Goldsmith on February 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California in the company of our families. Fellow CdeP 2002 classmates Madeleine McQuillan and Evan Dawson attended our wedding party the following day. It was a perfect weekend, and now we are forever honeymooning in our new home in […]

John Winsell Davies ’82

Elizaveta and I were married in June and after 11 years in Moscow, emigrated to London. Dream-world a three month honeymoon Taman Negara, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Malapascua Island, Boho and Phi Phi Islands, we arrived in England September 1st, where I started work as CIO of Machlin Oracle Ltd. in Marylebone. John Winsell Davies CdeP […]