Brian Bennett ’94

Carson Campe may no longer be my roommate in Matilija, but he does live just up the road from us in the Washington area. This means our little boy, who is now in kindergarten, gets to roll around in the dirt with the four Campe kids. I’m enjoying my work as the national security correspondent […]

Hans Nielsen ’71

My wife, Nancy, and I sold our mortgage company and home and journeyed south to Ojai end of June. Got to walk the changed campus, visit the dining hall, stand in my favorite room at the Upper School, and take in a sunset at the outdoor chapel. Ojai has a distinctive smell and the best […]

Theodore Heard ’83

Hi class of ’83. Today was a hard day for me. And I asked myself, “What will I paint?” And I thought of flowers, with wide green leaves. The harder it gets, the more I want to paint something beautiful. Not all days are hard. But some are. I’m going to paint a vase of […]

Trav Newton ’68

Last June, Edgardo Catalan attended the Friday dinner for CdeP 1968 45th reunion, and spoke with Marvin Shagam and Bob Miller. Trav Newton gave a tribute to Dave Twichell on Saturday night, and Bob Acquistapace remembered Tom Wheeler at the Sunday outdoor chapel service. ’68 decided that Thacher needs a new art center, gallery, and art/archival […]