Sarah Chamberlain ’05

After meeting as graduate students at the University of Edinburgh and being together for five years, I married Tom Curtis at The Town Hall Hotel in London on September 20. It was such a beautiful and joyful day, with family and friends coming from across the US and Europe to wish us well. The guests […]

Ben Babbott ’05

I had a wonderful time early this summer in Vermont for Ed Cahill’s (CdeP 2005) gorgeous wedding to Whitney Hendrickson (now Whitney Cahill). Amazing to see fellow classmates Kay Bradford ’05, Gabe Yette ’05, and Conner Schryver ’05–although it was awkward when Gabe, Conner, and I all showed up wearing the same shark-themed tanktops… I […]

Calvin Kim ’05

In June 2013, I was (honorably) discharged as a 1st Lieutenant from the Republic of Korea Air Force, thereby concluding my 40 month-long military service. During my service, I was an interpreter for the bureau within the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for military-to-military diplomacy with our allies around the world. Thanks […]