Matthew W. Stenovec ’04

This past August I married Molly Margaret Ellen Smith on Bainbridge Island, WA. In attendance from Thacher were Michael Stenovec ’10, Tim Stenovec ’02, Alissa Russell ’04, Evan Werlin ’04, Grace Malloy ’04, Jim Sligh ’04, Julia Robinson ’04, Ned Lincoln ’04, and Stephen Rooke ’04. Matthew W. Stenovec CdeP 2004 Back (L-R): Jim Sligh, […]

Ward C. Sorrick ’04

Ward has recently made a big career transition; he moved from store manager at AT&T to account manager for an online video production and marketing company based in San Francisco called RockBridge Productions. He is also working as producer on four independent feature films under a company he co-founded called Electrum Films, LLC. You may […]