Peter Frykman ’01

I’m living full-time in Pune, India, leading Driptech, the social enterprise I started 5 years ago. We’ve had an impact on over 50,000 lives with affordable irrigation for small-plot farmers. Recently I celebrated the Ganesh festival and was covered by locals in colored powder. Check out my talk at INK conference in association with TED. […]

T.J. Langer ’01

I am thrilled to announce my marriage to Rachel Rosenberg on June 8th, 2013, in San Diego, and happy to say that friends, Heather and Brian Kelly (Class of 2001), were in attendance! I’ve been working at Sapphire Energy for the past four years and advising at UCSD’s Moxie Center for engineering entrepreneurs. I run […]

Bryce P. Andrews ’01

Reflecting on his work as manager of the Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch for the Clark Fork Coalition during the past four years, Bryce spoke to Yellowstone Public Radio recently, focusing on one of the country’s largest Superfund mining-restoration sites that combines ranching and conservation. Checkout the broadcast at and you’ll hear some familiar Thacher […]