Shauna Nyborg Weisburst ’99

I married Seth Weisburst on July 14th in Mendocino, California. Celebrating with us were many of my fellow CdeP ’99 ladies: Jamil Abou-Samra, Shannon Hastings Baker, Sarah Bruss Gabrielson, Katie Isaacson Hames, Evan Kanaly Herberts, Claire Kendrick, Erin Hoppin Lee, Kim Cahill Peterson, Sarah Sawyer, and my amazing sister, Annie Nyborg, ’00. Shauna Nyborg Weisburst […]

N. Thomas Beatty ’99

Howdy all.  So I’m getting hitched next month to a very nice lady named Rebecca.  She’s a photographer ( Woohoo!  Otherwise I’m writing poop jokes for a living (really).  Also making an indie movie this spring!  Yeah!  If any of you have struck it super rich and want to be a producer on a movie […]