Emily Wilson ’95

My children’s book, JOONE, is the winner of the 2014 CLC Book Award for instilling compassion, love and courage in young readers. It has been an exciting first year for JOONE, and I am looking forward to what may happen with this next book, which is due out next year and stars my own beloved […]

Seumas Sargent ’95

Greetings from Berlin! Wrapped the lead role in a Swedish / Iranian / Canadian co-produced feature film last summer called THE PHILOSOPHER KING and the footage is bouncing between New York and Stockholm for final edits. Feel free to check it out at www.thephilosopherking.net. Love and light to all of you. www.seumassargent.com Seumas Sargent CdeP […]

Annie F. Riddell ’95

Annie Jack (CdeP ’95) married Travis Riddell in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 28 in the company of many beloved Toads, including (from left to right), Emily Wilson (’95), David McCloskey (’96), Antonia Fairbanks Sivyer (’95), Meghan Jeans (’93), Kacey Perkins Tift (’95), Wilson Reniers (’95), Ramsay Palmer (’95) and Abigail Johnson Cannon (’95). The […]

Lloyd A. Sacks ’95

Our twins, a boy and girl, were born a minute apart on January 12, 2012. Ori means “my light” and Romi means “my heights, lofty, exalted” (and is also a derivative of Roma, the Eternal City). Ori came in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches long and Romi was 6 pounds, 6 ounces […]