Mary Everett Conarroe ’94

It’s been an eventful year. Cooper Everett David Conarroe was born 10-26-12 and is just as busy as his older brother. We are still living in Bakersfield, CA which has afforded me the opportunity to meet up with various other California Toads, including Diana Garcia (’95), Kacey Perkins Tift (’95), Katherine Kirkmire Vinings (’94). I […]

Nick Young ’94

Hi Thacher friends! a quick note… A film my brother Zack and I produced, animated, & scored–called William Kurelek’s The Maze–is being presented by the Governor General of Canada on October 9th to raise awareness about mental health in Canada and honor the celebrated artist William Kurelek. to find out more info, please visit: […]

Tanji D. Dewberry ’94

In November 2012, I launched my first children’s book, Oh Fiddlesticks! Creating a children’s book has always been a dream of mine and the experience has been amazing. I have received a tremendous amount of support from my Thacher friends. Since the launch, I have been featured on local television stations in New York and […]