David Cline ’87

I am an Assistant Professor in the History Department at Virginia Tech. My second book, From Reconciliation to Revolution, is about religion and the civil rights movement, and will come out from the University of North Carolina Press in fall 2016. I am also one of the Research Scholars and lead interviewers for the Library […]

Andrew Tidrick ’87

I’ve got my first 21 year old–watch out. He’s working his way up through the mountain bike world, working at a bike shop and planning to race some this summer–hopefully we’ll get to race a few together. My daughters are going to be halfway done with college at UT Austin this May–whoa. My first Colorado […]

Michèle Barnett Berg ’87

This year has made for multiple mini Thacher reunions which I really appreciate as–being abroad for the past 11 years–I have not made it to the past couple of reunions. On New Years Eve we had a great time with Eleanor Whelan O’Neill ’87 and her family at the Getty Museum and the Santa Monica […]