Julie Huntington de Polo ’86

Feeling some survivor guilt for having missed the Napa quake entirely — for good reason, though. We spent a leisurely week in Ojai dropping off both daughters to Thacher (whiplash, double-take! they’re one year apart, freshman & sophomore, where did the time go?). Dan and I returned to some broken glass, but nothing significant except […]

Heidi Evans Girardoni ’86

Johannes ’85 and I are honored to be Thacher’s Parents Association Chairs this year for several reasons. Thacher has, once again, become the central focus of our family, ever since Helena ’18 joined her sister Julia ’15 as a Thacher Toad, and being PA Chairs adds legitimacy to our frequent presence on campus. We also […]

Sarah Lavender Smith ’86

Last May, Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick ’86, Morgan Smith ’85 and Sarah Lavender Smith ’86 bought an item at the Thacher Parents’ Auction for three nights in August at Golden Trout Camp. We recruited Rebecca (Bucky) Clyde Tennant ’86, Eric Gross ’85 and his wife Carmen, and several of our kids to join us. We enjoyed […]