Ami Becker Aronson ’86

Hard to believe I have lived in DC the past 20 years! I love our nation’s capital and my children are 6th generation. I manage a private foundation and invest in people and ideas ( Any toads are always welcome to share arts, culture and democracy! I spent a few days in Reno with Leslie Clark […]

Sarah O’Brien ’86

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since we have moved our family from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. Pierce (10) and Ronan (8) are enjoying Crane Country Day School as 5th and 3rd graders respectively. We miss the city and getting together with our San Francisco classmates and their families. […]

Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick ’86

In September, Doug and I attended the Next Peak gathering in Ojai and enjoyed catching up with so many Thacher friends, including classmate Sarah O’Brien and family, and former teacher Betty Saunders. Our older son Liam graduated from Thacher in June, and our younger son Colin is now a junior. We are currently living Ojai, […]

Julie Huntington de Polo ’86

I was recently hired by a fellow Toad, Mary Everett Bourke CdeP 1981, to work with her in development at the Oxbow School, a semester-based arts boarding school in Napa. Thanks to Mimi Van Son, a former Thacher staff member, for recommending me! I joined Mary in pouring our respective wines (Hale Mary and Darioush) […]

Sarah Lavender Smith ’86

The 100-mile Western States Endurance Run is to ultrarunning what the Boston Marathon is to marathoning—rich with history and prestige, with strict qualification standards and a slim chance of gaining entry. After four years of qualifying and trying to gain a spot through the event’s lottery, Sarah Lavender Smith CdeP 1986 finally got the chance […]