Eric Gross ’85

Enjoying my new job as Superintendent/Principal of Pacific Elementary in Davenport, CA. It is a tiny school with some unique programs in a beautiful location across the street from the ocean. The students prepare an organic lunch for the entire school every day. Will work for food! Check out our recent 15 minutes of fame. […]

Jeremy Walker ’85

Harry Pallenberg (85) and Jeremy Walker (85) are having a blast working together under the LA based Sunny and Mild Media banner, generating publicity and original video content for independent films like the upcoming “Cardinal X,” which is shot in San Francisco and is set, with great authenticity, in 1984. Cardinal X: First Look Video […]

Sophie Brown Twichell ’85

I recently started a new position as the executive director of the National Recreation Foundation which focuses its grant-making on programs for at-risk youth in the field of recreation. My son Cameron is now a soph0more at Thacher – such fun to have an excuse to regularly visit the Ojai Valley! Sophie Brown Twichell CdeP […]