Drew Horton ’82

I have a new job but am still in Minnesota beginning my fourth year “up North.” I am the new Interim Research Winemaker for the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Research Center in Victoria, MN. I am making micro-lots of wines from some brand new and as yet unnamed cold-climate hybrid wine grapes. It’s fun to […]

Marian Huntington Schinske ’82

Good Thacher news this year! My classmate Alison Terbell ’82 visited me at my home in Novato, and I had a long visit by phone with Phoebe Twichell ’82, who creates amazingly beautiful paintings. Now I have two nieces attending Thacher: Sydney ’17 and Olivia de Polo ’18, and my family plans to visit them […]

Brian Kopperl ’82

Brian Kopperl ’82, Managing Partner of Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC, has developed one of the three largest solar energy projects in Massachusetts, a 6 megawatt – 21,000 solar panel facility on a former gravel pit in Bolton, MA. The facility went on line in December 2013 after a 2- year lease/permitting/interconnection engineering/tax & power purchase […]

Hunter Hollins ’82

This year, in addition to my work at the Smithsonian, I joined the board of ArtWorksProjects, a nonprofit that uses fine-art photography to raise awareness of global humanitarian crises. ArtWorksProjects is the creation of our classmate, Leslie Thomas, and we are doing great work! Check it out: www.artworksprojects.org Hunter Hollins CdeP 1982

John Winsell Davies ’82

Elizaveta and I were married in June and after 11 years in Moscow, emigrated to London. Dream-world a three month honeymoon Taman Negara, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Malapascua Island, Boho and Phi Phi Islands, we arrived in England September 1st, where I started work as CIO of Machlin Oracle Ltd. in Marylebone. John Winsell Davies CdeP […]