Don Osborne ’76

I got invited to teach some classes (Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Communications) at Concordia University’s MBA program here in Irvine, Calif. Great group of students, wonderful, supportive university. Anyone in the area who wants to come hang out — or be a guest speaker — in one of my classes, You Are Invited! Young […]

Josh Rosenblatt ’76

As we begin thawing out after a long winter, Kate (EWS ’76) and I still love New England. Our daughter Sarah (EWS ’05) is loving her work with preserving St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue in New York and Ali is working for Habitat For Humanity in Guatemala. Kate is in her second year as […]

Josh C. Rosenblatt ’76

It’s been a big year for us. Sarah, our eldest, graduated from graduate school (Columbia) in May followed by Ali, her younger sister from undergrad (Sarah Lawrence) two days later. Kate (Emma Willard ’76) and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary in June and we celebrated the wedding of Sarah and Joseph Flaherty on August […]

Josh C. Rosenblatt ’76

Kate and Josh have a big year ahead of them. Their eldest, Sarah, graduates from Columbia in May with a masters in Historic Preservation, then their other daughter, Ali, graduates from Sarah Lawrence College two days later. They will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in late June which will be followed by Sarah being married […]