Stewart Ring ’52

As the President of the Mokule’ia Community Association (MCA) on O’ahu’s North Shore, he continues to be a community activist dedicated to preserving and protecting – and, where possible, improving the quality of life for existing residents. And that means fighting the developers who seek to bring in resorts—and the good news is that he’s […]

Mike Baldwin ’52

Jim Lipman and Judy came upon a letter to the editor of Archaeology magazine written by Mike Baldwin. It is reprinted below along with its accompanying photo. A Cowboy Remembers Thank you for your article “Ballad of the Paniolo” (.January/February 2016).  I was born on Maui in 1934 and spent much time at Ulupalakua Ranch, […]

Chuck Thorne ’52

Still enjoying good health in retirement, and living in Kenosha, WI, overlooking the harbor and Lake Michigan, which is full of boats in the summer and ice in the winter. Expecting our first great-grandchild in September, and trying to recover from the shock of being a “great.” Still looking for other things to be “great” […]