Sandy Walker ’48

Continuing architecture for my sixth year at a rather slow pace. Still see Sam Wright, Peter Dunne, and Elliot Hayne. Kay and I share four of my grandchildren. One doctor, one film maker, one Fulbright scholar in Turkey, and one making very good Keenan wine, while in Brooklyn I have two high school boys and their mom […]

Sam Wright ’48

The tradition of the “San Francisco Do Nothing Except Have Christmas Lunch Club” (SFDNEHCLC) continued this last December courtesy again of Eliot Hayne ’48 at the Pacific Union Club. Those in attendance: Mark Hayne ’86, Isobel Hayne ’14, Cecilia Hayne ’07, Cabot Brown ’79, George Montgomery ’51, Kirk Kirkham ’50, Jim Acquistapace ’61, Peter Dunne ’48, […]

Sam Wright ’48

Over 40 years ago, a group of Bay Area alumni started what became an unbroken annual tradition called the “San Francisco Do Nothing Except Have Christmas Lunch Club.” This past December, the gathering, held at the Pacific Union Club courtesy of Elliot Hayne ’48, included: Jim Acquistapace ’61 Bill Bucklin ’48 Brooks Crawford ’51 Peter […]

Sandy Walker ’48

Still afloat and trying architecture still. See Sam Wright, Elliot Hayne, and Bill Bucklin often, and enjoy grandchildren. Two at Stanford, one playing ice hockey, one in pre-med at USC, one doing Keenan wine with his father, and a stepdaughter who won the Pulitzer prize for fiction a year ago. I am amazed; it must […]

Charlton Lewis ’48

Having retired from teaching Chinese history, I have become interested in China’s water crisis. Last November I published an online article on hydropower in China at Yale Environment 360 (just google “China’s Great Dam Boom”). I’m getting more worried about the future of green power. Charlton Lewis CdeP 1948

Chris Boyle ’48

I’m blessed with excellent health and work out vigorously twice a week in a class with friends. I am the principal caregiver for my wife, who has Parkinson’s disease, and that takes a good bit of my time. I’m an avid fan of University of Arizona sports and serve on two neighborhood boards of directors. […]

John C. “Sandy” Walker ’48

Still doing Architecture. See Bill Bucklin, Sam Wright, cousin, Hendy Henderson, and did spend two high school graduations in Telleride, Colo, with a great teacher and mentor, David Lavander, who was even reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by my step daughter. Both grandchildren got into Stanford. (To bad they couldn’t get in to […]