Christian Janss ’95

Greetings!  Writing to announce the arrival of Calvin James Janss!  Born July 22, a happy & lively baby boy.  This brings the grand total to three, yes, three kids.  Lila just started Kindergarten (blowing my mind) and Ollie is an unstoppable force. I just attended the LA gathering and met many wonderful alumni and parents. […]

N. Thomas Beatty ’99

Howdy all.  So I’m getting hitched next month to a very nice lady named Rebecca.  She’s a photographer ( Woohoo!  Otherwise I’m writing poop jokes for a living (really).  Also making an indie movie this spring!  Yeah!  If any of you have struck it super rich and want to be a producer on a movie […]

Malcolm D. Plant ’71

Malcolm Plant ’71, Steve Scott ’71, Bill Volkmann ’71, John Bosche ’72, and Turner Newton ’72 continued a 25-year tradition (started by Andy Herr ’73 who couldn’t make it this year) of taking a rafting or camping trip together. They, along with six others, spent five days in the Yosemite back country in and around May […]

Ella M. Moench ’00

North and I are still living in Venice Beach and working for the Crossroads School. I am loving being a middle school science teacher and the beginning of the new school year. We had an incredible summer of travel in the Pacific Northwest including mountaineering in the North Cascades and my first 10K race. Hope […]

Sara Robboy Munday ’94

Hello Toads! Ben and I were delighted to welcome our daughter Zoe Sofia Munday on April 12th, 2011. She’s a happy and relaxed addition to the family and loves her big brother, Max. I hope to bring them both to Thacher soon Sara Robboy Munday CdeP 1994