Woody Halsey ’65

We moved back to Boston from CT in March 2020 when my youngest daughters’ school, Loomis Chaffee, went online. We are enjoying living full-time for the first time in the house we purchased in 2014 when we were still based in Avignon. It’s around the corner from my sister’s place, and just a short walk from the apartment where my third daughter and her family will be living during her husband’s fellowship at Mass Eye and Ear. So, finally, I will be able to see at least two of my seven grandkids every day. The others live in Vershire, VT and Bolinas, CA.

In November 2019 I enjoyed a moving family reunion in Ojai with all five daughters, their spouses and children, my sister, Comfort, her husband and their kids. We gathered near the Jameson field to mark the 10th anniversary of my son’s death, beneath the boulder that bears a plaque in his memory and honor.

Woody Halsey CdeP 1965

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