Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick ’86

On March 7, We had a CdeP 1986 gathering for “local” classmates to say hello to Dr. Michael Kim who was finishing up his trimester as an Anacapa Scholar teaching history at Thacher. It was fantastic having Mike and his wife Yujin on campus and we even had the opportunity to meet their son Henry, who is attending Dartmouth and came to Thacher for his spring break. Other Thacher folks at the Kirkpatrick’s gathering included CdeP 1986 classmates Larry Hsu, Mark Yeh and his wife Zelia; Allison Reed CdeP 1989, faculty members Molly Perry CdeP 1985, Derick Perry CdeP 1983, Sarah DelVecchio and her husband Greg; former faculty members Fred Coleman, and Don and Susan Reed.

During the gathering we watched Colin Kirkpatrick CdeP 2019 compete in the 1500m final at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships. It was fun to have so many Toads cheer him on!

Even after returning to Seoul, Mike Kim continues to rally CdeP 1986. He invited our class to gather via Zoom last Sunday night for a triple Trisnake Productions mockumentary (including Karate Hick, Moosin’ USA, and Starface). We can’t wait to have us all together on campus for our 35th, hopefully in June 2021!

Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick CdeP 1986

Left to right, starting at the top: Mike Kim. Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick, Doug Kirkpatrick, Dave Garman, Mark Yeh, Heidi Girardoni, Sarah O’Brien, Rebecca (Bucky) Clyde, Samantha Hartley, David Richardson, Mike Brooks, Ami Becker Aronson, John Redfern, Sarah Lavender Smith, Julie Huntington de Polo, Steve Kong, Mark Holman, Dan Klein, Camellia (Cammy) Baray, Raul Pacheco, Mike McKinnon, Kate Twichell Mason (no image)

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