Paul Gavin ’71

Class Career Coincidences – Stephen Scott and Paul Gavin, Class of 1971

After graduating from Thacher in 1971, Steve Scott went on to the University of Colorado, met his wife Lynne and raised two children, Tyler and Stephanie, who went on to marry a US Marine Corps Osprey pilot. That same year Paul Gavin went on to Villanova University and an art career and donated work to the Marine Corps and military air shows including Andrews AFB. When there a few years ago, Paul saw an Osprey on static display. Thinking just maybe, he asked who flew it up to the show and met Steve’s son-in-law, Tyler Kesterson (same first name as his son). A few years later, Tyler led the Villanova NROTC unit and this year joined an Osprey squadron at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. Paul had created that squadron’s logo in 1985 and he and his wife Kimberleigh designed the Miramar station logo in 1996. Sharing just one or two such coincidences is fun; these four are remarkable and memorable.

Paul Gavin CdeP 1971

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