Don Porter ’62

In January I had an opportunity to catch up with Charlie Storke and his wife Nancy Faville at the prestigious Palm Springs Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show in Indio south of Palm Springs. Roger and Jackie Ignon, and I drove down to witness the dedication Charlie and Nancy have for their Rhodesian Ridgebacks, one of which, “Luc,” dragged me to exactly to where he wanted to go. Powerful and persistent! I think Charlie asked me if I had medical insurance. Charlie reports, “Today was a great success with one of our youngest champions winning Best in Specialty Show, and his littermate sister garnering Winner’s Bitch for some championship points.”

They’ve been at this for almost twenty years: training and showing for sure, but also breeding, buying and selling these magnificent beasts. Traveling in a motorhome complete with two-story kennels for the champions and living quarters for themselves, they are followed by a remuda of vans and support vehicles, and go all over the country – winning enough competitions to persuade other owners to part with their money for purchase or stud fee … “It’s a great way to make a small fortune,” Charlie said. “Of course you have to start with a larger fortune, but …. it’s in our blood and bones now.” They were traveling with ten of these wondrous creatures. That’s a lot of kibble and plastic bags.

Don Porter CdeP 1962

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