Justin Stephens ’94

2018 is the first year in the last 7 vintages where a majority of our grapes will be harvested in October rather than September. Last week we were happy with this, but as I type this it is raining. Not a big deal yet, but it does make you twitch a bit. At least the fruit that has come into the winery so far looks and tastes beautiful.

Kids are doing well – all over the place with school and after school activities. We’re relishing their age where they still want to be around us…

Tony Hernandez ’93 was visiting Napa earlier this year with a friend. Coincidentally, his buddy brought him to Hunnicutt without knowing it was ours or that we were in the wine business. It was great to catch up. He hasn’t changed – looks the same and still funny as hell!

Looking forward to our 25th (oh, sweet Jesus) next June and hopefully seeing many other ’94s. Until then, be well.

Justin Stephens CdeP 1994

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