Eunice Ruiz Griffith ’10

Kyle Griffith (CdeP 2011) and I got married on June 30, 2018, at the Outdoor Chapel. We fell in love while at Thacher and felt it was only right to say our vows where it all began. Thank you to our families and the Thacher community for making it all possible. In attendance were Thacher alumni: Hazel Ruiz (CdeP 2005), Laurel Poolman (CdeP 2010), Tom Wilkinson (CdeP 2010), Kelly Schultz (CdeP 2010), Sarina Patel (CdeP 2010), Paige Gribb (CdeP 2010), Laura Benard (CdeP 2010), Christopher Colson (CdeP 2011), and Richy Yun (CdeP 2011).

Eunice Ruiz Griffith CdeP 2010

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