CdeP 1962

Art is happening in the class of 1962!

Ed Lewis reports: “… I am pretty involved in the art world here in Marin, as I have been VP of the Board of Trustees of the Marin Art & Garden Center for forever (well, actually only 6 years, but it seems forever) and we at Keegan & Coppin have managed the Novato Art Center at Hamilton Field for now almost 20 years.

Michael Milligan disclosed that Jeanne E (of “Mud Lush” fame) “has been constructing large (and very heavy) ceramic pieces destined for Hawaii next year.”

“Aurum Intexo” – radical wabi sabi sculpture – Don Porter

Don Porter has been showing his work in Los Angeles galleries and at the Palm Springs Art Museum. His “radical wabi sabi” temporary sculptures exist just long enough to photograph before they disintegrate.

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